Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Found My Kind of People!

I found my kind of people! There's a whole community of them! Some of them are at Money Saving Mom posting about their Super Savings. Well, I just have to participate. Here's mine:

I snagged this chair from OfficeMax for a little less than $5.

That's right, I paid less than FIVE bucks out of pocket. It's high back, made of soft leather and just really nice. It's originally priced at $99 but was on sale for $49.99. However, Officemax runs a reward program called MaxPerks Recycling in which you get a $3 for recycling an empty ink cartridge. I recycled a bunch of empty ink cartridges last month and I earned $51 which I used to pay for the chair. I still had to pay tax so that was the $5.

This program is a pretty good moneymaker if you do it right. I'll write a more detailed post about how I used this program to get all of our office supplies for a fraction of a cost and make some money in the process, too. So stay tuned!